The offering and the scar

Land Art Mongolia

Séverin Guelpa’s project consists of an ephemeral installation and a performance which investigate the deep links that exist between land use, inhabitants and beliefs. Inspired by the sacredness of Allan Ovoo’s area, the artist explored the concept of pilgrimage, elevation and offering, through the creation of a huge kite carrying an offering. In asian countries, kites have always been considered as a symbol of freedom and joy but also as a sacrifice to sky divinities. Following this idea, Séverin Guelpa imagined a huge kite that would need the contribution of several people to fly, in the same way that Mongolian society is based on strong social links and reciprocity.
Parallel to the performance, Guelpa realized a « mirror » performance that highlights the nowadays economical and cultural issues of the country. A truck pulls an anchor that makes a scar in the soil. This symbolic performance draws attention to the economic value of Mongolia’s hidden geology and how the exploitation of natural ressources represents a delicate challenge for the population, its living conditions and its nomadic culture in the coming years.